Episode Two (Season Two): A Twin Perspective on Sandals Resorts

This week, we discuss our contrasting experiences of two very different Sandals Resorts. Last month, as some of you may know who have read our Antigua and Jamaica blog posts, we parted ways for the first time since running TTT to explore two different Caribbean islands with our partners. Whilst Laura headed to the jungles of Jamaica, I made my way to the pristine beaches of Antigua.

In this podcast, we discuss our initial scepticism about an all-inclusive, luxury holiday and how, as a generation we’re made to feel travel should be rugged, unplanned and adventurous. Our time at Sandals, however, taught us that indulgent, relaxed travel is something everyone should experience every now and again in life.

Listen on to find out why we’re already planning our next Sandals escape.

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