What makes a traveller?

August 16, 2014

We love to travel and are voracious readers of travel blogs.

We like to read about the adventures and experiences of this growing breed of  individuals; those lucky sorts who have well and truly seized the day and are courageously wandering the globe alone, with just a Go-Pro and Instagram account.

These people are who we previously considered to be ‘real’ travellers. They haven’t been home in months, they have friends on every continent and they make travelling, and all the uncertainty that comes with it, look effortless.

We are not this sort of ‘real’ traveller.  With a strong disposition towards worrying; a history of experiencing anxiety; a burning desire to prepare elaborate itineraries for every trip and a mounting unease about flying; we potentially, and maybe are, terrible travellers.

But yet travel is something we still adore.

We both work ‘the 9-5’ and build adventures into our lives as frequently as possible. We don’t jet off on luxury adventures each month and often when we are away, we miss home and have had many a nasty experience whilst abroad. Sometimes, travel to us can simply mean visiting a new city, an hour down the road.

Yet, does this make us any less of a ‘traveller’? We don’t think so. Travel is as unique and personal as you, and should be experienced in a way that makes you feel comfortable and left wanting more. This is what we hope to capture and promote in our blog.

So, if you want to follow our thoughts on all things travel (and possibly sometimes the more mundane), keep with us! We hope this blog will encourage people to find a way to travel that suits them. We’re certain that anyone can see the world if they want to, it’s just a matter of working out how you want to do it.




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