Episode Four (Season One): Exploring Northumberland

This week’s podcast comes to you from misty Northumberland: England’s most northerly county.

Home to more castles than any other county in England – and indeed less people than any other part of our small isle – Northumberland is dominated by soaring volcanic ridges, dark forest-filled valleys and miles of stretching coastline. It is a corner of England brimming with history:  tales of daring knights, border raids and resident ghosts decorate each village and town that you pass. Drive through its National Park, or two areas of outstanding beauty, and you’ll pass stone cottages and timber-framed pubs; plumes of thick wood smoke hanging over each. Unsurprisingly, this is a part of the country that we immediately fell in love with, and one we naturally felt we must tell you all about. The next forty minutes is therefore an ode to this stunningly beautiful part of England, and one we genuinely hope you will visit.

As Visit England Ambassadors, we’re determined to showcase the sheer amount of beauty crammed into our little Island; a beauty no better showcased than by mythical, historical and beautiful Northumberland.

Enjoy and as ever, happy listening.

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References or notable mentions:

Alnwick Castle

Barter Books

The Cookie Jar

Howick Hall

Bamburgh Castle

Walwick Hall

The Lord Crewe Arms

The Sill


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3 responses to “Episode Four (Season One): Exploring Northumberland”

  1. Mary says:

    Loving the podcasts, especially enjoyed this one. Great info all all the places to visit, thanks!

  2. Katie says:

    Just listened to this episode. Sounds like you had a great trip. I’ve visited Northumberland before but it sounds like I missed a few things! I visited Alnwick Castle and went to Inner Farne Island. I’ve really been enjoying listening to your podcast and I’m slowly getting through the episodes 🙂

    • The Twins says:

      Hi Katie! Thanks so, so much for listening! Oooh, I really would love to go to the Inner Farne Island – jealous. Thanks for the tip! xxx


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