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“It takes a village”, as the saying goes. It’s an important reminder to us all: a little nudge to reassure us that life needn’t be a solo effort, that two heads are better than one, that a problem shared is a problem halved.

Yet, in the increasingly competitive world of social media and blogging, it seems to be a sentiment that’s been all too quickly forgotten. Whilst this newly shaped online world has undoubtedly created and cemented many friendships, the way in which ‘influencer’ marketing has developed has also added an additional edge to this new community: a competitive one. With success measured in followers, likes and comments, it’s difficult not to feel that you are embroiled in a relentless competition with your peers.

As a result, building a successful blog has become an inherently private task: one to be done behind closed doors, away from the eyes and ears of your village. Answers are shielded with arms and people talk in only the vaguest of terms. Perhaps even worse, you might be too embarrassed to ask for help – everyone else seems to be doing so well, after all (listen to our podcast on this here).

Except, by thinking like this and by making blogging an each man for his own scenario, we are forgetting two very important points. One, a successful blog not only takes the work and skills of a village (we have been helped by so many people along the way), but two, it is dependent on that village. Over the four years that we’ve been blogging, it’s not been our innate talent or particularly entrepreneurial skills that have got us to where we find ourselves today. Instead, it’s been our community – the support of our friends and followers that have kept the small ship TTT afloat. In short, without our village – and without their cheerleading – our blog wouldn’t exist.

With this in mind, we want to continue our quest of making blogging – and the helpful advice and support behind it – even more transparent and accessible. This is something we’ve tried to do regularly via our podcast, The Bloggers’ Retreat and our meet-ups. And now we want to take things a little further.

We are excited to offer two free mentorships, sharing all that we’ve learnt during our journey to full-time blogging, and supporting and advising you on how to develop and grow your blog. Whilst of course making money is a primary objective of many bloggers (ourselves included), we also want to cover areas such as the importance of cultivating and supporting a community (particularly on Instagram), the significance of finding your own USP and voice, and how to drive exposure; acting as your own PR.

The mentorship will:

We are incredibly excited to work with our lovely blogging community and, we hope, help people with their online journey, just as so many people have helped us (we owe many, many people).

We are aware of just how hard you all work on your blogs, and so to ensure that the process is as fair as possible, we will simply run the competition as a lottery – selecting two names at random. We don’t believe it is fair or objective to pick a winner based on ranking some blogs higher than others, and hope this is understandable.

In order to be put forward to the lottery, we ask:

We will be picking a winner on October 13th 2018, so ask that all social media posts and blog posts are published by 5pm on October 12th. The mentorships will begin in November 2018.

Thank you so much to our own village and here’s to making our community an even more supportive one.

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