The Zetter Townhouse, Marylebone

Tucked away in West London, amongst the cobbled streets of Marylebone, sits Wicked Uncle Seymour’s townhouse.

Aside from being wickedly, Uncle Seymour was also a very eccentric man. His decadent home, filled with sumptuous furnishings; eclectic ornaments; rich dark velvet interiors and curving mahogany staircases, is every inch the antiquarian’s dream. It is also home to another resident: the award-winning Zetter Hotel Group and their newly opened boutique hotel, The Zetter Townhouse, Marylebone.

The younger sibling to Zetter’s already achingly cool Townhouse in Clerkenwell (and home of Great Aunt Wilhelmina), Zetter Marylebone is fast becoming one of London’s coolest places to relax and unwind. What better place to stay, therefore, after a whirlwind night at the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards?

In immediate contrast to many of London’s minimalist hotels, the Zetter Group does things differently. As we walked through the unassuming front door and into Uncle Seymour’s notorious parlour – a place of heaving drinks cabinets and sparkling crystal decanters – it is clear that modernism and minimalism have no place here. Quite the opposite. This isn’t a hotel, but a home, filled with the belongings of the fictional, yet omnipresent, Uncle Seymour.

It is brilliant.


The townhouse is already popular as a place to nestle down amongst velvet sofas, marble fireplaces and ticking clocks, to enjoy Zetter’s bespoke cocktails. I get the feeling that Uncle Seymour was a man who liked his drink. His parlour is a lively place, filled with a unique joie-de-vivre and cosy cheer. As we were soon heading to the blog awards and therefore a little (very) nervous, we decided to enjoy the atmosphere and ordered two Elderberry Kirs; kick-starting the night with a little fizz. We also enjoyed two delicious supper bowls, which on this particular night happened to be steaming mushroom risotto with plenty of parmesan. Both the food and the cocktails were fantastic. We could have spent all night in this softly-lit room reading the papers, listening to the music or browsing the trinkets. However, we dragged ourselves away and upstairs to our room to get ready for the night ahead.


Each of the 24 bedrooms in this townhouse are individually decorated. Detail really is King here. As we rode up in the elevator, which was papered in individual magazine cuttings and cartoons, we were told we would be staying in the ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’ room. On a night during which we had been saying many a-prayer ahead of the awards, this seemed very fitting.

Inside, our room was beautiful. Dominated by a large dark wooden headboard, engraved with three ‘holys’, the bed was enormous, decorated with soft sheets and our own knitted hot water bottles. Our bathroom was decorated in more colourful cartoon strips and magazine cuttings, and featured a deep bath, digital radio (to keep you company whilst you soak) and plenty of REN products. We were in heaven. Getting ready here felt a little like getting ready in a friend’s bedroom – surrounded by glass book cabinets, thick pilled rugs and the ever-noticeable presence of Uncle Seymour’s eclectic style. The traditional sash windows were draped in thick red curtains and looked out over Seymour Street. It was quiet, secluded and incredibly comfortable.


As we left the hotel for the awards, I glanced back at the townhouse to see the soft lights glowing through the beautiful Georgian windows and people laughing inside, enjoying Uncle Seymour’s wickedly potent cocktails. It truly is an exceptional place to stay in London and one we couldn’t wait to get back to that night, clutching our Cosmo award.


The next morning, a little worse for wear, we enjoyed brunch back in the now quieter parlour and chatted to the staff at Zetter – who were each as bit welcoming and friendly as the townhouse itself. We left after our brief stay, adamant to come back to try more cocktails (the treacle infused Two-Pennie Trash is high on my list) and to experience another of the sumptuously eccentric rooms.

Uncle Seymour may have been wicked, but he knows how to welcome his guests. Thank you, Zetter, for a wonderful stay.


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3 responses to “The Zetter Townhouse, Marylebone”

  1. Sammy says:

    Wow, you make this hotel sound so special. I’ll have to stay next time I’m in the UK!

  2. Tom says:

    You girls have such a nice style of writing. This sounds a great hotel – i’m looking forward to a drink there when I visit London.

  3. Alice says:

    This place looks fantastic! I’m such a huge fan of the Zetter in Farringdon. More and more spots are opening up in Marylebone aren’t they?!


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