The Château de La Chèvre d’Or

After a short journey from Mougins, we arrived in Èze and the place of our next hotel – The Château de La Chèvre d’Or.

Èze is a medieval village that sits snugly between Nice and Monaco. It is here that the hotel perches, quite literally hanging off a cliff-top, with the Mediterranean sea sparkling away beneath it. However, what makes Chèvre d’Or so unique is that it is not just one building within the village, but is a hotel that spans the entirety of Èze, with rooms scattered up and down its narrow, winding streets.


It’s important to say that this hotel is eye-wateringly expensive and it’s immediately obvious why: that view. With infinity pools overlooking the sea and the sparkling lights of Èze and the yachts below, they are truly breathtaking. The hotel’s gardens wind all the way down the cliff face, with statues of lions, deer, horses and bears hidden amongst trees and roses. There is even an enormous chess set nestled away!  It’s a little like Narnia or Alice in Wonderland.

We were upgraded for free to a bigger room, with a lounge area, huge bathroom and a big bed. The door was squirrelled away off a cobble-stone street but yet we still had great views of the sea below.


Once you stepped out of the room, you were immediately in the middle of the village itself and not far from the small taverns and restaurants that wound their way up to the church at the top of the village.

It is hard to fault the hotel: the views, the gardens, the staff and the setting are all incredible. For a small fortune, you can also stay in a suite complete with private infinity pool, hot-tub and panoramic views.


But a note of caution: it’s incredibly expensive here. We felt vaguely like the poor relatives of the other guests. As we arrived at the hotel, we were stopped by a policeman who asked if we had a reservation – he looked sceptical. We also noticed that our rental car was parked down in the town, whereas the Porsches, Bentleys and Ferraris stayed up at the hotel itself.

Nevertheless, four nights here was utter paradise and well worth bankruptcy (and if you try hard enough, you can make that 25 Euro glass of wine last all afternoon).



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