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A Night At The Arch Hotel, London

In 1791, London’s Great Cumberland Place was complete. A handsome thoroughfare that ran between Marble Arch and leafy Hyde Park, Great Cumberland was a street lined with towering Georgian mansions and flickering oil lamps – a place reserved only for London’s very finest residents. Here, behind lofty sash windows and velvet curtains, Dukes and Duchesses lived, with the likes of Lady Trollope sashaying along its…

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Discovering The Dartmoor Artisan Trail

‘It’s like the scene from Ghost,’ Laura quipped, ‘Just without the romance or skill.’ Ignoring her jibes, I hesitantly pressed the pedal that controlled the slippery red clay – the wobbly mass forming a questionable shape between my hands. This was my first time ‘throwing clay’ and as my creation was lifted from the wheel, I suspected it was also my last. It resembled more…

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How To Spend a Weekend in The Hague

It’s 10am on a grey, March morning and I’m sitting on the steps of my little seafront cottage. The rolling sand dunes of Kijkduin beach deserted, I watch as a group of dogs throw themselves excitedly into the cold, North Sea; echoes of “goedemorgen” carrying on the wind. Heading back inside to switch the kettle on, I watch as the grey-green tufts of the dune’s…

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A Weekend in Durham

As the train pulled into Durham’s neat, stone station, I felt a jolt of excitement. We were finally back in my favourite corner of the country – the wildly beautiful North East – with a weekend in Durham waiting just around the corner. Just a few months before we had visited the city’s neighbouring county, Northumberland – a place of starry skies, powdery sand dunes…

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A Day in the Life of an English Tourism Superstar

Last week, as the rest of the UK were ordered indoors, Richard Darlington headed outside. Confronting Storm Emma’s biting winds and wild blizzards, Richard – a working shepherd – faced a problem. He needed to find his sheep. “It’s not easy to find them in snow drifts this high”, he says, reaching his hand high above his head. Armed with a stick, Richard therefore walked…

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Itineraries for Microadventures in England

 “A microadventure is an adventure that is short, simple, local, cheap – yet still fun, exciting, challenging, refreshing and rewarding” – Alastair Humphreys Last weekend, I stood browsing the stationery aisle of my local store. On its shelves were crowds of brightly coloured notebooks, each emblazoned with some sort of shiny, metallic slogan. ‘Adventure more’, one declared, ‘Quit your job, buy a ticket, get a…

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An Itinerary for the Ultimate UK Road Trip

Who doesn’t love a road trip? Piling into the car with your friends, you’ve got the roof down and the wind in your hair. Ahead of you is nothing but miles of empty road, adventure and freedom.  Except this version of a road trip only ever happened in Britney Spears’ cinema debut: ‘Crossroads’. Indeed, for the majority of us growing up in the UK, the UK road…

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Our Winter Skincare Saviours: Clinique and La Mer

In the winter of 2008, I told my parents that I wanted to become a Beauty Editor. Home from university, I was sat on my bed in tears – the complete works of 18th Century German philosophers surrounding me. After weeks inside a library – nothing but the words of Nietzsche and Kant for company – I was a woman on the edge, desperate to…

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My Journey To [enjoying] Full-Time Blogging

Over the past few months I’ve witnessed an epidemic; a baby boom that’s swept through my close circle of friends. Like the pied piper of newborns, I’ve stepped up to the role of the-unrelated-aunt with genuine excitement. Doing the rounds like a mobile salesman – a car boot full of soft toys and blankets – I’ve travelled to meet the new arrivals, asking each friend…

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Escaping the January Blues in Bath

This year, it seems the nation was in unanimous agreement that January dragged on for far longer than its so-called 31 days. Seemingly endless weeks filled with grey cloud and drizzle, compiled with an empty bank account, meant that the start of 2018 was less an energetic sprint and more a begrudging trudge. Deciding that Laura and I would keep January travel free – an…

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What Travel Means To Us

Life changing moments: how many have you had? These transformative events – these life-defining instances – can come in an assortment of shapes and sizes. Some are phone calls: “you’ve got the job! When can you start?” Others arrive unexpectedly: three matching symbols on a scratch card. Some come even as small as a thought; that very moment you decide to stop wrestling with a…

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