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Chocolate and Budapest

One freezing evening in Budapest, we decided to look for somewhere to warm our fingers and toes. After a little wandering (Laura had hurt her foot a few days before, so the wandering was very slow) we found ourselves in a very tiny chocolate shop called Aztek Choxolat. This cosy little chocolate shop is tucked away in a side street and is utterly unassuming. Inside, however,…

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Like Rome? Like tea? Like cats? Say No More….

One afternoon in Rome, we were wandering around the Spanish Steps in the Piazza di Spagna, inhaling gelato on an hourly basis and generally enjoying the sunshine. Life was pretty good. But, as I think is quite the norm for Rome in the summer, the sun lost his hat and the storm clouds rolled in. It started to rain. Torrentially. We made a run for…

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If There’s One Place You Have to Go in Venice…

I  would say this is more of a demand than a suggestion, but if you’re heading off to Venice soon, you must go to Burano island! Forget standing in a long, sweaty queue with 3,000 school children waiting to see Basilica di San Marco, or having that over-priced, slightly awkward gondola ride.  If you’re in Venice, jump on a ferry and get yourself to Burano island,…

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