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Fulfilling Our Childhood Dream in Florida

Since our trip to Anna Maria Island  last year, Florida is a state that has continued to surprise us. A sleepy, pastel-coloured haven located off the Gulf of Mexico, our week on this idyllic island revealed a very different side to the sunshine state; one that made us wonder if there was more to Florida than we had first thought.  Just a few months later and…

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A Visit to St Pete, Florida

“I don’t know why, but I woke up this morning and felt like some Cuban food”, a voice comes from the table next to us. “Like pulled pork or something. I’m Buddy by the way – Buddy formerly of Detroit, now Buddy of St Pete, Florida”. The man exhales as he lowers himself slowly into one of the chairs behind us, extending a hand as…

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Swimming with Manatees on Crystal River

For someone who prides themselves on an eclectic, wide-ranging bucket list, the experience of swimming with manatees came as a rather late addition. In fact, prior to visiting Anna Maria Island last year, the manatee itself remained a fairly mysterious animal to me – one that I’d wrongly presumed was not too dissimilar to an overweight dolphin. However, after visiting a rehabilitation centre for manatee whilst…

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A Two-Day Guide to the City of Tampa, Florida

There is something stirring in Tampa: an energy, an excitement, a buzz. Walk through the city’s downtown area – a territory once dominated by linoleum-filled skyscrapers – and you might feel it rush by; a current of creativity that is leaving artisan coffee shops and food stalls in its wake. Cross over to the former swamp-filled area of Tampa Heights and you might sense it…

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The Importance of Sleep as Travel Bloggers

Eyes glazed, I stare up at the ‘New In’ section of Euston station’s bookshop. Having just missed my train by a matter of seconds, I’m irritated that I’m now forced to stay here for another thirty minutes; too tired to be surrounded by the station’s frantic crowds. I’ve come to the bookstore to escape them – some respite away from all that hustle and bustle.…

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A Stay at the Luton Hoo Hotel

Mr Frederic Billet is a very busy man. Deputy Hotel Manager for the majestic Luton Hoo Hotel, he has VIP guests to meet, grounds to keep, barrel aged wines to select and perhaps most importantly – clocks to wind. “They need winding each week, or else time can stop”, he says in a rolling French accent, worriedly thumbing his way through a collection of bronze…

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A Night At The Arch Hotel, London

In 1791, London’s Great Cumberland Place was complete. A handsome thoroughfare that ran between Marble Arch and leafy Hyde Park, Great Cumberland was a street lined with towering Georgian mansions and flickering oil lamps – a place reserved only for London’s very finest residents. Here, behind lofty sash windows and velvet curtains, Dukes and Duchesses lived, with the likes of Lady Trollope sashaying along its…

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Discovering The Dartmoor Artisan Trail

‘It’s like the scene from Ghost,’ Laura quipped, ‘Just without the romance or skill.’ Ignoring her jibes, I hesitantly pressed the pedal that controlled the slippery red clay – the wobbly mass forming a questionable shape between my hands. This was my first time ‘throwing clay’ and as my creation was lifted from the wheel, I suspected it was also my last. It resembled more…

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A Weekend in The Hague

It’s 10am on a grey, March morning and I’m sitting on the steps of my little seafront cottage. The rolling sand dunes of Kijkduin beach deserted, I watch as a group of dogs throw themselves excitedly into the cold, North Sea; echoes of “goedemorgen” carrying on the wind. Heading back inside to switch the kettle on, I watch as the grey-green tufts of the dune’s…

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A Weekend in Durham

As the train pulled into Durham’s neat, stone station, I felt a jolt of excitement. We were finally back in my favourite corner of the country – the wildly beautiful North East – with a weekend in Durham waiting just around the corner. Just a few months before we had visited the city’s neighbouring county, Northumberland – a place of starry skies, powdery sand dunes…

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A Day in the Life of an English Tourism Superstar

Last week, as the rest of the UK were ordered indoors, Richard Darlington headed outside. Confronting Storm Emma’s biting winds and wild blizzards, Richard – a working shepherd – faced a problem. He needed to find his sheep. “It’s not easy to find them in snow drifts this high”, he says, reaching his hand high above his head. Armed with a stick, Richard therefore walked…

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