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Holidays to Florida: Our Complete Guide

As children, holidays to Florida seemed a luxury reserved only for that affluent family in Home Alone, or the lucky prize winners of daytime competitions. Enchanted by all things Americana, I’d daydream of taking such a trip – obsessively collecting glossy brochures from our local travel agent. Carefully cutting out all the Florida Disney holidays, I’d leave my snippets strategically around the house, hopeful  that…

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Tips for Travelling with Anxiety

Anxiety. It’s a word I’m tired of saying – bored of saying. Like a worn-out record, it’s played its scratchy tune in the corner of my brain since its unexpected arrival in 2011. Since then, its volume has risen and fallen: sometimes barely audible, but often loud and deafening. It’s a tune I’m familiar with, one that I know every note of. Yet when played,…

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A Weekend at Wilderness Festival with Victorinox

Long before the UK heatwave of 2018 began, an email landed in our inbox from Victorinox. Titled the ‘Modern Pathfinder’, it invited us to embrace adventures closer to home this summer, with Victorinox’s range of stylish luggage and accessories on hand to help. As self-declared microadventure aficionados, we accepted the invitation in an instant. Having recently travelled to Florida, the Caribbean and Finland, the prospect of nearby rambles…

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A Guide to Alternative European City Breaks

The European city break is a favoured British pastime. With hourly flights ensuring that the handsome piazzas of Rome, or the glassy fjords of Bergen, lie just a passport wave away, a jaunt to Europe now feels little different to exploring your own back yard. However, what do you do when you’ve exhausted Europe’s traditional hit list? When you’ve seen the glittering lights of Paris,…

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A Stay at The Ampersand Hotel London

Opening my crumpled diary and my heart gave a kick:  Thursday 19 July decorated with dramatic exclamation marks and pink hearts. Although  originally scribbled in with excitement and anticipation, it was a date that was now making my stomach a fluttery mess of butterflies. Next week, we wold be hosting our first ever TTT meet-up with Sandals; a chance to meet new friends and share advice. …

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A Visit to the Cotswolds with Beachspoke

It was a hot and airless morning when we began our journey; the roads a queue of cars and exhaust fumes. With the windows wound down, I listened as the tyres rolled over the hot tarmac, each rotation making a sticky sort of noise. Up ahead, someone was listening to a call-in about the state of the nation’s bumblebees. After an hour of driving –…

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Exploring Finnish Lakeland

Staring at the detailed map I’d unravelled, my eyes struggled to focus on the hundreds of small, blue shapes that dotted the paper. We were headed to Tampere –  the gateway to Finland’s Lakeland – and a bustling city in its own right. Keen to learn more about the country past its capital city, Helsinki,  this beautiful area lies at the heart of Finnish culture.…

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Discovering Helsinki

For most, Helsinki occupies something of a cultural grey area. Not quite Scandinavian, but undoubtedly Nordic; and not entirely Eastern European, yet tantalisingly close to Estonia and Russia, you might be forgiven for thinking Helsinki is a little lost amongst its self-possessed peers. As Denmark made its debut to the world’s stage thanks to woollen blankets, candlelight and ‘hygge’, so Sweden responded by declaring its…

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How To Use IGTV: what we’ve learnt as early users

Our love affair with Instagram began four years ago, when we opened up our fledgling account in the hope of finding some like-minded travel lovers to share our experiences with. Fast forward four years and quite unexpectedly, Instagram – an app we once used to add filters to our Facebook photos – now underpins our  job as travel bloggers. From simple imagery, to stories and…

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Sandals Ochi Beach Resort, Jamaica

“Where you’ll be staying is the real Jamaica. Jamaica with the jungle and the rivers; the mango trees and the beach. It’s the raw Jamaica I love”, our driver declares. “And you’re going to love it, too”. Having landed in Jamaica just an hour before, we were now headed northwards; our driver and a newly completed bypass guiding us through the island’s forested slopes. Edging…

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Sandals Grande Antigua: A Luxury Stay

Settling into my British Airways seat, I set about my fastidious pre-flight routine. Pulling out my fluffy socks, I carefully slid them over my feet before turning my attention to the TV screen in front. Expertly scrolling through the latest movies, I made a mental note of my chosen films (‘Ladybird’ and ‘Three Billboards’). Satisfied I’d selected films gripping enough to occupy me for my…

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