If There’s One Place You Have to Go in Venice…

I  would say this is more of a demand than a suggestion, but if you’re heading off to Venice soon, you must go to Burano island!

Forget standing in a long, sweaty queue with 3,000 school children waiting to see Basilica di San Marco, or having that over-priced, slightly awkward gondola ride.  If you’re in Venice, jump on a ferry and get yourself to Burano island, or as I see it: heaven.

Burano is a ridiculously colourful little place, full of buildings painted in bright pastels. It feels a million miles away from Venice and is a perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon over a seafood lunch.

It’s known for its lace (I must admit I didn’t really look into this) and it’s buranelli: lemon scented biscuits (which I really did look into, several packets worth actually).

Don’t be put off by the 50 minute ferry journey, it’s worth it.

Side note: I wouldn’t bother with Murano island, unless you’re desperate for some overpriced glass.

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2 responses to “If There’s One Place You Have to Go in Venice…”

  1. MaitoMike says:

    Thank you for the awesome travel tips! That island looks gorgeous! Haven’t visited Venice yet, but it’s on my bucket list. Here’s just another reason to visit. Cheers! =)


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