How to Get the Perfect Travel Shots

Considering that we have over 15,000 photos stored in our shared Dropbox folder, it may surprise you to learn that we only have three – yes three – photographs of the two of us together. A remarkable feat.

Although we are capable of capturing plenty of photographs of the scenery and people around us, we’re terrible at capturing photos of ourselves, together. Aside from a small collection of awkward phone selfies, complete with unattractive triple chins, we have very few photographs that we regard as acceptable for public consumption.


Perhaps it is the typical British fear of asking a stranger to take our photo, or the disappointment of the resulting photo when they do (we have a great collection of photos of half our heads), but it seems impossible to get photographs of us together, in the beautiful places we visit.

So, when Sweet Escape got in touch with us to share their brilliant concept of having a professional photographer join us for a few hours on our adventures, we decided the time was ripe to stock up on some solid sisterly photographs.


Sweet Escape offer professional photographers in over 100 cities across the world, who are able to meet with you from a minimum of two hours, to as long as you want. We decided to have a shoot in London, in one of our favourite areas of the city: the ever colourful Shoreditch.


We won’t lie, there is another very valid reason as to why we have so few photos of ourselves: we are horrendously awkward in front of a camera. This has been created, in part, due to a traumatising family photo shoot when we were teenagers. Forced to climb onto each other’s backs and tickle each other, that humiliating experience has haunted us for years. We now shrink away at the thought of anything remotely similar.


So, as the morning dawned of our mini photo shoot, we were pretty nervous. As we walked to meet our photographer, Alline,  Laura was walking like a robot and Claire’s smile was more of a nervous twitch.


As soon as met Alline, however, we were immediately put at ease as she told us there would be no strange twin hugging or staged photos of us whispering in one another’s ears. Instead, we simply set off around Shoreditch, chatting and laughing, until we found places we wanted to stop for a photo. It was like having a walk with a friend; stopping every now and again for a quick succession of shots before moving on.

Alline gave us a few gentle directions to avoid us staring down the camera and as time went on, we relaxed more and more. We even allowed her to take a shot of us holding hands: something we vowed we’d never do! The great thing about the photography was that there was no waiting around for perfect lighting or framing. Instead, Alline just snapped away naturally as we moved around, which made the experience much easier.


As well as exploring the street art of Shoreditch, we also popped into some vintage shops for a little retail therapy, with Allinni discreetly snapping away. It felt less like a photo shoot and more like a fun morning out!


Our two hours together flew by and we were both slightly disappointed when it came to an end, having finally started to channel our inner ‘models.’ Sassy.

We had a brilliant morning with Alline and returned home excited to see what she had captured. Sweet Escape turn the photos around in three days and so before we knew it, hundreds of photos – real life photos of us together – landed in our inbox.

We were so happy with how the photos turned out; even sending a few on to the Mother and Father for an obligatory photo to add to the mantelpiece.


We couldn’t recommend Sweet Escape enough if you’re after some special photos whilst on your travels. We liked it so much that Claire’s even booking another photo shoot during her honeymoon. And don’t worry: no cheesy photos of husband and wife sharing ice creams or peeping out from behind trees will feature!


Thank you Sweet Escape for a brilliant morning and for finally providing us with a few photos of ourselves together! Our Mum and Dad are very happy.

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3 responses to “How to Get the Perfect Travel Shots”

  1. What beautiful results, complete natural models! 🙂 <3 And now I want to go check out Shoreditch! xx

  2. Sammy says:

    Wow – these photos are brilliant. You are such gorgeous girls!


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