Hotel Pushka Inn, Saint Petersburg

Before booking our trip to Saint Petersburg, we spent a long time researching where to stay. There are a dizzying amount of hotels in the city and with many websites in Russian, it can be difficult to decide where best to stay.

Eventually, we came across Hotel Pushka Inn, a fairly small, friendly and beautiful looking hotel, right on the bank of the Moika River. The hotel had received fantastic reviews, based mainly on the helpfulness of its staff, which for us is always super important (especially when you struggle to say ‘hello’ in Russian!)

Upon arriving at the hotel (after the frenzied taxi drive from hell), we were immediately relieved to be staying at the Inn. Housed in a beautiful mansion built in 1860, on a street lined with noble and pastel-coloured houses, the Inn is beautiful. It was a cold and misty afternoon when we arrived and the street, overlooking the river, had a real romantic feel.


Inside, the hotel is  traditionally decorated, with beautiful tiled floors and an ornate glass lift. It had a small and intimate feel and is perfect for people who prefer to avoid the huge chain hotels. It also has a restaurant next door (that serves delicious traditional Russian food) where you also have breakfast. Take note: they serve cake for breakfast. CAKE!

During check-in, we met with the lovely staff, who couldn’t have been more helpful. They also had a little surprise for us in the form of a beautifully printed book with all our photographs inside, alongside their photos of Saint Petersburg. It’s thoughtful things like that, that make life happy!

As there were three of us (shout out to our long-suffering friend, Kirsty), we had booked into a family room in the ‘attic’. The room was enormous! With a kitchen area, TV area, and a separate room for sleeping, it was like we had our own apartment. It was bright and breezy, whilst quiet and homely. Perfect.


The location of the hotel is also perfect. You’re a short five minute walk from the infamous Hermitage Museum and the historic centre of Saint Petersburg, including The Church of the Saviour on the Blood. We imagine this is particularly handy during Russia’s colder months, when you don’t want to have to brace the bitter winds for too long!


Overall, we couldn’t recommend this hotel enough. Coming back each day felt like coming back to our home and we felt safe knowing that the staff were always on hand to help us, whichever way they could. Thank you for a lovely stay, Pushka Inn!

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