Honeymoon Essentials: three weeks in Italy

In just over two months, I will be packing my bags, kissing the cat goodbye and saying farewell to my surname, as I hop over to Italy to get married and honeymoon. It’s been 18 months in the making and now most of the wedding admin is out the way, my focus has shifted to what I’ll be packing (aside from the wedding dress).

You see, as well as travel addicts, we are also shopping addicts. Preparing a suitcase with 3 weeks worth of clothes is therefore not a chore, but an amazing opportunity. When again will I have the excuse to buy so many nice new clothes? Never (well, hopefully never, happy marriage permitting).

So, here’s my round-up of what I’ll be packing for my honeymoon in Italy.


Our first point of call for any cute tops is WildFox: we love this brand. They are fun and relaxed, and do the loveliest t-shirts. I’ve picked a few Italian themed t-shirts that are already in my shopping basket (limenchello, hello!)

Evening dresses

For part of the honeymoon we’ll be staying on the Amalfi coast, where I really will need to up my game with regards to outfits. I love Ted Baker for dresses and have got my UK registry office wedding dress from here. I’m keeping with a pink and white theme for evening dresses, to maintain that wedding/honeymoon bubble.

Day dresses

Although I may have dreams of looking permanently glamorous on my honeymoon, I know that in reality I’ll probably live in comfy day dresses that will keep me cool and calm. Whenever I need a dress like this, my first choice is always ASOS, who provide casual dresses for excellent prices. I find dresses like this far more comfortable when exploring hot cities, rather than denim shorts (that need unbuttoning after one too many gelato). I’ll also be packing a few dresses that sit on the knee and have sleeves, ready for visits to Cathedrals or places of worship.


There are a few key essentials you need to take on a trip to Europe in the summer, regardless if its your honeymoon or not. Italian cities are hot and sticky during the summer months, and having a backpack rather than a handbag annoyingly swinging around is essential. Having a backpack also means your hands are free and you can fit plenty in.

Another must on any trip to Europe in the summer is a wide-brimmed hat. With the humidity, crowds of people and endless flights of medieval stairs, dehydration and sun stroke are a real risk, and that’s not very pretty on a honeymoon. I’ll definitely be investing in a few sun huts to take along to keep me cool and collected.

Nightwear and swimwear

I think there’s an expectation that on your honeymoon, now a wife and real woman, you need to dress differently. I won’t be doing this. I like unicorns, I like pink and I like to think sometimes that I’m Princess Elsa. So, my nightwear and swimwear will remain just to my taste: fun! Again, Wildfox are amazing for fun swimwear and nightwear . I love the honeymoon pyjama t-shirt, which has already been ordered.


It’s easy to get carried away with shoe packing when it comes to travelling, especially if you’re going to Europe and want to cover both high-end and relaxed. I, however, am awful in high heels and will only be packing one pair. The reality is, I’ll probably only wear them on a few nights and during the day I’ll just want to be comfy in sandals. I’ve learned the hard way that anything without at least an inch sole on the bottom will ruin your feet if you’re walking on cobbled streets all day. Sorry flip-flops, you’re for beach holidays only.

So, there you have it: my honeymoon wardrobe. It may not be full of high heels and awkward lace underwear, but it’s perfect for an Italian break where my focus will be on enjoying time with my husband (wah, weird), rather than navigating the cobbled streets of Rome in 6 inch heels and chaffing lace!

What do you think to my packing list? Any other suggestions for a first-time (hah) honeymooner?

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4 responses to “Honeymoon Essentials: three weeks in Italy”

  1. Kelsey says:

    Congratulations on getting through the planning… All the best for the wedding and honeymoon! I love the day dress options you selected, and agree it’s going to be smart to have a backpack and remain hands free. Great post 🙂

  2. Jess says:

    Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Do you use a backpack to carry your camera?

    • The Twins says:

      Hi Jess,

      Yep, a backpack – we found Eastpak ones are great as they have little compartments to put your camera/lenses etc. x


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