GoPro Hero5 Session Giveaway

As we spring into spring this month, we’ve teamed up with our lovely friends over at GoPro UK, to offer you* the chance to explore the great outdoors with a brand new GoPro Hero5 Session. Yay!

The Hero5 Session is small enough to to pop in your pocket, when you’re on your way out the door: no awkward camera straps or bulky lenses necessary, which we find liberating.

As GoPro family members, we love getting creative with our own GoPros and are always impressed by the quality of captures we get with them. The Hero5 Session features 4k technology and 10MP photos, so there’s no compromising quality, and includes the handy burst and time lapse features.

The Hero5 Session also offers voice command, which we’ve found really helpful for hands-free captures, and is waterproof, so you can dunk, swim or submerge until your heart’s content.

It’s a tough little thing and perfect for any adventurers looking to get outdoors, whatever the weather.

In order to enter, just follow the steps below:

  1. Follow GoProUK on Instagram
  2. Follow Twins That Travel on Instagram
  3. Tag a friend on this photo who you think would love this prize
  4. Let us know that you’ve entered by commenting on this blog post below

The competition will close on Wednesday 22 March. *The competition is open to those in the UK and Europe.

A winner will be drawn at random shortly after the competition deadline and will be notified via a DM on Instagram and announced on the Twins That Travel Instagram page.

Good luck!


95 comments so far.

95 responses to “GoPro Hero5 Session Giveaway”

  1. Frances Greening says:

    Oh my gosh I’m travelling Europe this summer then doing a ski season, this would be the perfect way to document my adventures! Love your blog ?Xx

  2. Francesca says:

    I’m in love with GoPro Hero5, thanks for the opportunity!
    Ps I love your page and your pics ❤️

  3. Sophie Davis says:

    I am off to Paris soon, and Portugal and this would be the perfect way to grab those hard to get shots that aren’t possible on a DSPR or compact! Fingers crossed xxx

  4. Saloni says:

    Thank you for a great opportunity ? ??
    Would love to use GoPro on my everyday adventures.

  5. Jess says:

    I’m currently 4 months into a year long trip and would love this to help document my memories!
    P.s. Your blog is the best!

  6. The Twins says:

    Ah, perfect then!! Good luck and happy travels 🙂 xx

  7. This giveaway is perfect as we recently lost our GoPro on holiday :'( Would love to win this to document our UK days out on our mountain bikes!

  8. Asya says:

    I’ve entered! My username is a_s1a ?
    I’ve been wanting a GoPro for *ages*, but I’ve never had enough money to buy one… I’m a language student, and this summer I’ll travel to start seeing all those places that stole my heart with my own eyes, and I don’t plan to stop! So thank you for this opportunity! ❤
    P. S. : I’ve been following/envying u girls closely from quite some time now, and I love you so much!❤ keep up the good work ?

  9. Kirsty lister says:

    Off to do a solo Coast to Coast American adventure this year, the GoPro would be the perfect companion!

  10. Emma Young says:

    I’ve entered. Me and my twin sis are turning 30 this year and we’ve planned some pretty big trips to celebrate it. We’re off to San Fran and Vegas in April then touring round New Zealand and Australia over July and August, this would be amazing to capture all our memories xx

  11. Ellie Quinn says:

    This is a great competition girls! Entered and my fingers and toes are crossed! 😀

  12. Ryan crawford says:

    Ohhhh daaaamn I hope I win this , defo help with the things I have planned this summer with the LostBoys !
    Ryan hair x

  13. James says:

    I’m in!! Obviously!

  14. Great competition! Please let it be us. We would love to document our elopement from point of view video. But shhhh no-one knows we’re eloping 🙂

  15. Nicola says:

    I’ve entered! Never used a GoPro before but have wanted one for ages!

  16. Matthew Ripley says:

    Entered! Thanks!

  17. Liam Miller says:

    All entered! 🙂 Fingers crossed ? be ideal for the adventures me and lily have got planned for the rest of the year!

  18. Fennie says:

    What an awesome comp! I’m off to Australia in a few months and this would be amazing for my adventures! Thank you! Loving your blog as ever ??☺️

  19. Vic says:

    What a great prize! Fingers crossed 🙂

  20. The Twins says:

    Wowee, what a jam-packed few months you have! xxx

  21. Patricia Rodrigues says:

    Hi! My username is Patriciarodriguesg
    That Gopro session would improve my photography! Also I’m traveling frequently so it would be amazing to have one! Thanks

  22. Teash says:

    Have entered 🙂 have quite a few exciting trips lined up so this would be amazing! Xx

  23. Alexandra says:

    Off to explore UK’s ?? wonders very soon, this GoPro would be PERFECT for our roadtrip ?


  24. Natalie bradley says:

    Fabulous camera this would be perfect for my family’s Florida holiday this year

  25. The Twins says:

    Aww, what a lovely big sister you are, Emma! xx

  26. The Twins says:

    Ah, glad you’re excited! Good luck, Zara! x

  27. Danielle Welsh says:

    Done all the steps !
    Would love to win this for my holiday to bali in November to record all the memories such a generous giveaway x

  28. Great contest, gone through all the steps, was already following your account? Think this would make a fun little companion on all future travels and trips, fingers crossed!

  29. Aaron says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win. Great little camera for helping out with analysing my rowing technique and making me look good… Look good, race good!

  30. Giulia Maugeri says:

    My fiancé and I are planning to go on holiday this spring…it would be just perfect ❤️ Special moments need special cameras 🙂

  31. Enya says:

    I’m doing internships (I’m a marine biologist) and travelling heaps around Australia this year, so would definitely have some use for this little nifty camera!

  32. Erin says:

    After a tough time, I recently decided to hit pause on my career and go travelling for the first time with my best friend! I would absolutely love to be able to capture our amazing memories with a GoPro Hero5 as we navigate our way around South America. A great giveaway and have completed the steps above. Look forward to following your travels on Instagram!

  33. Stephanie says:

    Would love to try this, we are complete Go Pro novices, but If we win I promise I won’t let my husband be like that chap on You tube who had the camera the wrong way around the whole trip!!!

  34. Stephen Ellerington says:

    Thanks! This would be awesome for our Tenerife trip!

  35. Tracey Maddocks says:

    Just entering now! Would love love love a go pro! Was working at a dog sanctuary and would have captured so many cute moments! If I win then I’ll definitely go back! And use it as an excuse to travel too! Fingers crossed! Xx

  36. Meredith Wood says:

    This would be perfect! We’re planning our honeymoon now to Southeast Asia or South Africa and need to capture it somehow!!

  37. Ashley Cooper says:

    Entered :)! Recently immigrated to the UK from the States so this would be a great little camera to document all of my husband and I’s adventures! Fingers crossed!!

  38. Ivan Tee says:

    I have entered! Really envious of you girls getting to go travel around the world all the time! Hopefully I’ll get the chance someday (perhaps with the gopro!) but in the mean time gotta see the world through your photos!

  39. Karla Mothe says:

    Great initiative! GoPro 5 would be a dream to have! Fingers crossed!

  40. Lottie says:

    About to scuba dive the great barrier reef and travel Aus then heading to central America!!!!! So excited and you two are my inspo!

  41. Helen says:

    My photographer (and budding videographer) husband and I are based in Athens, Greece and we’ve just started studying for our sailing licence. I would love to be able to gift him a Hero 5 Session so he can document our sailing adventures!

  42. Rachel says:

    Dreaming of all the amazing adventures I could capture!

  43. Lucy Rowe says:

    Entered!! After seeing GoPro in action at the weekend, I would love one to capture lots of beautiful memories ?

  44. Kate Field says:

    Waaa I would love this to capture some videos of my girls and I! Entered entered entered!

  45. Jasmine says:

    This would be amazing for my trip to Croatia and for Guns n Roses in June! What an amazing giveaway! Fingers crossed! ?
    Jaz xoxo

  46. Dandy Does says:

    We’ve entered your competition. It’d be so fab for any water shots, I think we’re done with cautiously holding phones and cameras in the sea ?
    Dan & Andrea

  47. Sam says:

    I have entered! Fingers crossed! (@yoko.meshi on Instagram)

  48. Becky says:

    He Claire and Laura! My sister and I are also twins from the UK and we are currently travelling up the west coast of Australia at the moment. We would love a cool camera to capture those memories and experiences! We have also been discussing starting a blog of or adventures!

  49. Edward Liam says:

    My brother and I just entered! We would love a GoPro!! Amazing competition thanks for running it

  50. The Eurotweedan Tour says:

    Hi Claire and Laura,

    We’re loving your work. We’ve entered the competition.
    We would love the gopro to document our distinctly average rounds of golf, whilst playing some of the most beautiful golf courses in the south of the UK.

    Thanks for the opportunity,

    Loz from The Eurotweedan Tour

  51. veRONIca says:

    My friend and I will be travelling to England and Portugal in May. Having a GoPro would be so cool!

    I commented under @vepmes

  52. Guilherme says:

    I practice Parkour and I would looove to win a GoPro from Twins That Travel! You are awesome!

  53. Sara says:

    Just recently dicovered the blog, and I’m loving it! I especially love that you guys promote trips and adventures close to home too. They can often be the most fun! I’d love the GoPro to capture memories from all my adventure, great and small!

  54. Amy Jackson says:

    Yes please to the GoPro! Thanks guys 🙂

  55. Hi, I’ve officially entered this giveaway (@rostislav.andriciuc). Thanks for this opportunity and good luck to all the participants!

  56. Xosilita says:

    Dream giveaway ! @xosillita I have just entered ! I wish everyone to love our world and amazing nature as you guys do ! Thanks you for this magical opportunity me and my friends are going to show off the great nature of our country Georgia with its outstanding culture and make people fall in love with it ! Thank you so much!

  57. Megan says:

    Amazing competition! Would be a dream to win this to capture our 3 month trip to South America this summer – would love to capture our experiences travelling through Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Argentina and Costa Rica on video! Thank you Claire and Laura! xxx

  58. Ella Martin says:

    Brilliant competition – I’ve just been recommended one of these to record and document my vegetable growing adventures! Love your blog and Instagram

  59. Smrithika says:

    Can’t wait to win this and use it on an upcoming trip to Ireland and Scotland 🙂 you girls are an inspiration !

  60. Hey guys,

    I have just entered with the username @lukiieg. Came across your blog recently, really inspiring content so happy to be on-board for the future!

    Keep up the good work & happy travels!


  61. Monica says:

    Fingers crossed! Thanks for your great advice on GoPros too. I really want one now!

  62. Jessica Girvan says:

    My boyfriend michael would love to win a gopro. He is a filmmaker and would love the opportunity to film some more creative action shots, my instagram is jessieg121 🙂 Xxx

  63. Amber sweetman says:

    I have entered! Would love to win!! Off to Rome in may my most favourite city in the world would love to document the trip with this beauty!!!

  64. Aashita K says:

    My cousin is travelling from the UK to visit the family in India this year so I think it’s high time im in some of the photos, this time around:D also, she’s my little baby who deserves something special!

  65. Melanie says:

    Hello gals ? I love your blog so much!

    I’m heading to South Korea to teach next month and I’m hoping to start a blog of my own! A GoPro would defo come in handy!!

    Fingers crossed! Good luck to everyone!!


  66. Abbie says:

    Hi there! Me and my sister are also identical twins living in England hoping to start our travels together this summer- a GoPro to join us would be the perfect way to set off in the right direction!

  67. nkryeziu says:

    That would be great 🙂

  68. Chris Wong says:

    Just entered! ? Been following you guys on Instagram for a while! ☺️

  69. Carrie Aquiningoc says:

    I’ve tried twice to leave a comment on the instagram pic but it wont complete. It just stays in the ‘loading’ status once I hit enter so I don’t know that I’ve successfully entered or not, but here’s hoping. Good luck to all.


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