How to Get Colourful Travel Photographs

Perhaps more than blogging, photography is our real interest and passion. This was our real aim behind setting up our Instagram account: a place where we spend much time browsing and admiring the photographs of other users.

We’ve been asked quite frequently what our style of photography is and how we create vibrancy and colour within our captures.

There are many ‘apps’, techniques and filters that we use to enhance the colour of our travel photographs. All of these methods provide a HDR (high-dynamic-range) effect to the photo/image, which is a style we really favour.

If you like this kind of look (and it’s not to everyone’s taste) then below are the two ways that we use to get this effect:

Instant: If you’re just using your phone to take photos or don’t fancy getting too technical, one of the easiest ways to add HDR is to use an app called Snapseed that has the filter built in. This will turn your photos from pleasant and mildly colourful to ridiculously vibrant in a matter of seconds! Be careful to reduce the HDR appropriately, so it doesn’t reduce the overall quality of the image. Around 20-30% should be adequate.

Burano, Venice

Burano, Venice

Manual editing: For those who enjoy photography and have access to Photoshop, then the manual and more effective way to add HDR is to combine three photos of the same image in Photoshop using the HDR option. The three images should consist of: one underexposed, one with normal exposure and one overexposed. By combining the three images and layering them to create one picture, you capture far more of what the natural eye sees. This really helps in those situations in which  you feel your photo isn’t capturing exactly what your seeing – like a beautiful sunset, for example. By layering  these three images, you achieve a far more 3D feel to your photographs. This option is something we’re slowly starting to explore and something we’re going to practise a lot next week when we’re in the US.

Other options

1) If you’re not a fan of HDR, then an easy way to get colourful photos is just to increase saturation and warmth to your photos (this is very easy in Instagram).

2) We also like the DeluxeFX app, which provides colourful filters, including adding false colour. This is fun for things such as changing the colour of leaves on trees (there seems to be a ‘pink tree’ craze on Instagram at the moment, which can be replicated using this app!)

Of course, photo editing is a matter of individual taste and everyone will naturally gravitate towards their own particular style. If you like vibrant and colourful pictures, however, take a look at some of the apps and editing options we mentioned above.

Happy colouring!







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