September 17, 2014

As summer draws to an end, we thought we’d share with you another piece of paradise that we stumbled across on our travels.

Fiskardo is a tiny village located in the north of Kefalonia island (Greece). This colourful, happy little place consists of a handful of restaurants and hotels nestled around a cove. We stayed in a wonderful villa, just up the road from the main town, and had the most relaxing week of our lives there. Although there isn’t a huge amount to do there other than float around in a pool and enjoy the town’s loveliness, here is a list of suggestions of what to do:

Myrtos beach

Myrtos beach

1) Located a mile or so down the road from Fiskardo is the famous Myrtos beach, which is as heavenly as it looks. We should probably put a disclaimer here that the road leading up to this beach is terrifying. We spent most of the time with our bums clenched and sweating profusely, as we made our way here. It is, however, completely worth it.

2) The highlight of our stay was renting a boat for the day and setting off on a mini-adventure around those coves that can only be accessed by sea. Chugging along these coves was probably one of the best travel memories we’ve experienced so far and is definitely a must if you do visit here. Bring a picnic, plenty of sun protection and  snorkelling equipment, and we guarantee that you’ll have a wonderful day!


Cove hunting!

3) Assos village: this secluded village sits at the bottom of a windy road (more bum clenching) and sits in a horse-shoe shaped cover, with clear seas stretching out either side. We came here for an evening and fell in love with this sleepy little place. The fresh seafood is delicious and the sunset over the bay is beautiful.

kefalonia2The only downside to Fiskardo is the cost – it’s a bit of a killer price-wise. This was explained in the evenings, when we would watch small dinghies of glamorous people arrive ashore from their private yachts. We don’t have a private yacht. To confirm this, when aboard our tiny boat for the day, we chugged past a yacht called Pelorus, once owned by Roman Abramovich. It was hideously large and confirmed that we were probably the poorest people in Fiskardo. Don’t let this put you off though, it’s worth it!

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    Beautiful pictures! I’ve never been to Greece before, but I’ve always wanted to go.

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