Episode Six (Season Two) Where Have We Been For the Last 4 Months?

We’ve always considered ourselves to be conscientious sort of people. Organised, diligent and ever mindful of deadlines.  The regrettable Teacher’s Pet of the blogging world.

Until it came to podcasting.

Yes, it has been a whole four months since we recorded our last podcast. Four months. In our defence, much of that time was spent travelling (LA, Provence, the Lake District, Vienna and Germany), but also – and I’ll admit – a lot of it was also spent gorging on Netflix and brushing crumbs off our laps.

In this podcast, we catch up on our travels over the last few months and dissect why it’s taken us so long to record this episode. Indeed (and Netflix aside), many of these reasons concern what was going on behind the scenes – the reality of life outside of Instagram and Twitter. Inspired by Brooke Saward’s recent video –  ‘Instagram Is Not Real Life’ – we chat through our recent adventures, but also discuss what was going on for us at this time: anxiety, anti-depressants and feeling ever so slightly exhausted.

We’re sorry for our recent radio silence and vow to be better Podcasters from now on. But, we also hope that this podcast at least shines a light on the fact that sometimes, life doesn’t go to plan and you’re quite frankly too exhausted or too anxious to be your usual conscientious self. In fact, every now and again it’s fine just to settle back down on that sofa and let life (and Netflix) wash over you.

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