Episode One (Season Two): Our Florida Road Trip

Welcome back to Season Two of the Twin Perspectives Podcast Series!

After a three-month break from podcasting whilst we did a spot of travelling, we return to the Twin Perspectives Podcast with our usual ramblings, tangents and awkward disagreements. To celebrate our return to the microphone, we begin season two with a round-up of our recent adventures around the sunshine state of Florida.

From swimming with manatee, near-death experiences driving our own speedboat to fulfilling our childhood wish of meeting Mickey Mouse, our Floridian road-trip was one of our favourite TTT trips to date.

Armed with a giant, purple jeep, we took on the highways of Florida (an experience in itself) to see if the state could deliver more than just the stereotypical rollercoasters and sandy beaches.

Spoiler: it didn’t disappoint.

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