Episode Nine (Season Two) An Interview with Simon Calder

In this week’s episode of the Twin Perspective Podcast series, we leave the confines of our desk and head to the slightly intimidating offices of The Independent, to meet travel writer and presenter, Simon Calder. Having been fans of his work for as long as we can remember, meeting and interviewing Simon was a true highlight of our travel blogging ‘career’.

A former mathematician, Simon is a man with an uncanny ability to reduce the subject and trends of travel into digestible bite-size facts. For example, did you know that it’ll now take someone earning the national minimum wage just a morning’s work to buy a cheap flight to Europe? Or that in its heyday, printed travel content would equate to four telephone directories worth of paper from just the weekend supplements? No, neither did we.

A man of almost limitless travel knowledge, our hour with Simon was a fascinating one.

Over the course of the podcast, we touched upon the following subjects:

Recommended books by Simon for those interested in travel writing:

  1. Travel Writer’s Way: Turn your travels into stories
  2. How to be a Travel Writer

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