Episode Four (Season Two): Blogging Business Models

In this episode of the Twin Perspectives Podcast Series, we attempt to de-mystify the commonly asked question of, ‘How do I earn money from my blog?’ Perhaps the most commonly asked question we find sliding into our DMs – and a question we had ourselves when starting our blogging journey – the answer isn’t a simple one. In fact, now five years into running Twins That Travel, we’ve come to realise that there’s almost limitless ways in which to earn money from your blog and/or social media.

From passive income available through advertising on your blog and affiliate linking, active income working with brands, through to landing your own products into the blogging universe, how you choose to make your money as a blogger is entirely your choice.

A conversation with fellow blogger The Travel Hack, however, helped us to identify key business models that bloggers generally tend to adopt when earning their buck. These models, we came to realise, tend to fall between two key camps: passive and active. The model you choose to adopt, furthermore, is entirely dependent on both your aims as a blogger and your lifestyle.

During this hour long episode, we work our way through the passive and active blogging models, in the hope of shedding some light on how bloggers earn their money. Far from the Daily Mail headlines, however, of Instagrammers charging six-figure fees for an Instagram post, we hope to convey a realistic and sustainable approach to blogging.

Business models that require time, effort and a healthy dose of perseverance.

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