Episode Eleven (Season Two) SOS Podcast for Those Experiencing Travel Anxiety

We’ve dedicated this week’s podcast to those experiencing travel anxiety.

After five years of travelling regularly with anxiety, we like to think ourselves as something of experts in navigating the minefield (when anxious) of airports, public transport or new destinations far from home.

This podcast covers the tactics, which we’ve honed over the years, that can ease both the thoughts and physical symptoms associated with travel anxiety.

In the podcast we cover:

  1. Tips on managing anxiety before you travel
  2. How to stay calm during airport security
  3. Why distraction is key
  4. Breathing techniques
  5. Notable podcasts to help in “SOS” moments
  6. Recognising and managing negative thoughts
  7. Relinquishing control and embracing the unknown
  8. Making friends with anxiety

Ultimately, we hope the podcast is a reminder that it’s OK to feel anxious. In fact, anxiety is just another emotion; no different to excitement, anger or sadness. To feel anxious ahead of travel, or whilst you’re away, doesn’t mean that you’re failing or that you’re destined for a life within the confines of your bedroom. In fact, you can feel terrified before a trip and still have the adventure of a lifetime.

As we’ve discovered over the years, whilst anxiety can indeed raise its ugly head during travel, it doesn’t have to define you or your experiences. Accepting anxiety as part of life but not letting it overwhelm our thoughts has, ultimately, allowed us to travel the world.

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