Chocolate and Budapest

One freezing evening in Budapest, we decided to look for somewhere to warm our fingers and toes. After a little wandering (Laura had hurt her foot a few days before, so the wandering was very slow) we found ourselves in a very tiny chocolate shop called Aztek Choxolat.aztec chocolate

This cosy little chocolate shop is tucked away in a side street and is utterly unassuming. Inside, however, it is wonderful, offering the most delicious range of chocolates, coffees  and hot chocolates. This isn’t your normal sort of chocolate, but a magic mixture of melted chocolate, creme and the odd unusual addition, such as chilli powder or lavender.

The shop itself is tiny but perfectly formed,  with just two or three tables, covered in eclectic pillows. The place feels more like your sitting room than a cafe, which we loved.

The selection of chocolates is impressive for such a small shop and the hot chocolates are to die for. We tried a mint hot chocolate and a chilli hot chocolate, accompanied with violet and peppermint chocolates. It was potentially one of the greatest evenings of our lives. We loved it so much, we went back again and tried the white hot chocolate and orange hot chocolate. Glorious!

So, if you’re in Budapest and need somewhere to warm up over a steaming mug of molten chilli chocolate, make sure you pay this place a visit.

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