The Best Places to Eat in Stockholm

Stockholm is a city of 14 islands and 57 bridges. It’s a place where beautiful medieval streets nestle alongside cool, hipster neighbourhoods. A city of golden, endless summers and even longer, darker winters. It’s a capital where fashion matters: a good looking place, full of even better looking people, all set within the perimeters of pristine pine forests and cold Baltic waters.

And amongst all this: it’s a city that loves its food.


When we visited Stockholm last year, we were overwhelmed by the amount of food on offer. From traditional meatballs and gravy, to inventive vegetarian food, this city offers amazing culinary dishes delivered within equally creative and beautiful spaces.

Having eaten our way around most of this dynamic capital, we’ve put together a list of our top places to eat in Stockholm. Make sure you have your elasticated trousers to hand and most of all, enjoy!


II Café

This ever-popular chain of cafés offer a great place to hang out and grab a morning coffee. Usually full of hipsters and locals, its main attraction is its famous cinnamon buns (kanelbullar) and cosy interior. Sit back, relax and soak up the ever-cool Scandi atmosphere.

Södermannagatan 23, 116 40 Stockholm

Pom and Flora

This place not only has a lovely name, but an equally lovely interior. Offering a fantastic breakfast deal, including fresh juices, and eggs and avocado on soda bread, this is a great place to stock up on a hearty breakfast, before exploring the rest of the city.

Bondegatan 64, Sofo



Snickarbacken 7

We visited this cute café for lunch, impressed by its huge vaulted ceilings and antique doors. Here you can not only sample traditional sourdough bread, with tuna or capers, but also browse the café’s small concept store, filled with artwork and clothes. It’s a great place to relax and browse, over a tasty lunch.

Snickarbacken 7, 111 39 Stockholm



This famous café sits prettily in the central square of Stockholm’s Old Town: Gamla Stan. Filled with sparkling glass chandeliers, beautiful stained-glass windows and bronze coffee urns, this place feels a mixture between a Parisian tearoom and a traditional Scandinavian coffee house.  It’s also a great place to experience the Swedish tradition of ‘fika’: the act of enjoying a cup of coffee and a pastry with friends. A quick tip: the hot chocolate here is incredible and is effectively molten chocolate mixed with cream. Please try it if you visit!

Stortorget 18, Gamla Stan, Stockholm


Nybrogatan 38

A very popular Bistro in the Nybrogatan neighbourhood, this restaurant offers a new take on traditional Swedish food, combining it with Mediterranean inspired cooking. It’s also said to offer the best Köttbullar in town (meatballs and gravy to me and you). Filled with young professionals, it gets busy in the evenings, so be sure to visit over lunch time when things are a little quieter.

 Nybrogatan 38, 114 40 Stockholm

Hermans Trädgårdscafé

Offering first-class vegetarian food with views over Stockholm’s beautiful skyline, this inventive restaurant recently won Lonely Planet’s ‘Top Choice’ award for places to eat in Stockholm. If you need a little break from meatballs and gravy, and want to experience an incredible view, then definitely head here.

Hermans, Fjallgatan 23B 116 28 Stockholm


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The name of this restaurant, from the word grönsaker (meaning vegetables, or quite literally ‘green things’) is another great place to enjoy veggie food at its best. A restaurant where ‘season and local availability rule’, you can be sure that anything you eat here is not only fresh, but delicious and constantly evolving.

Sankt Eriksgatan 67, 113 32 Stockholm


Nosh and Chow

This place is worth visiting just to witness its incredible interior, designed by Spanish designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán. A mix of antique furniture and raw industrial edge, it’s one of the finest restaurants in Stockholm. Sat within a four-storey town house, diners can enjoy a real eclectic mix of food, including Peruvian chicken and grilled fillet of arctic char. A little pricey, but worth it.

Norrlandsgatan 24, 111 43 Stockholm


Urban Deli

This place was so good that we visited 3 times! Located in the neighbourhood of Sofo, the Urban Deli is a restaurant, bar, deli and (healthy) grocery store, all wrapped up in one. It definitely channels a distinctly New York vibe. We had two brilliant breakfasts here, based on a pay-as-you-go-scheme; providing us with unlimited access to Lingonberry jam (always important!) and boiled eggs. Tempted by the pretty fairy lights and buzzing evening crowd, we also had a delicious dinner here, created from fresh local ingredients. Be warned, this place is hugely popular, so book ahead.

Nytorget 4, 116 40 Stockholm



What’s a trip to Sweden without meatballs washed down with some traditional Aquavit? That was exactly our thought as we visited this traditional Swedish restaurant, established in 1733. After gaining its name from a local pelican who nested nearby, the restaurant is situated within a vast, wooden building, with high ceilings and a beer-hall feel. Offering delicious traditional Swedish food, Pelikan prides itself on its ability to serve up ‘plain food’ at its very best. Here you can gorge on meatballs and gravy, pickled fish, roasted reindeer and fried salted bacon to your heart’s content (or as far as your budget allows).

Restaurant Pelikan, Blekingegatan 40 116 62 Stockholm



Situated in the centre of town, in Östermalm, this restaurant is a favourite with locals looking to wind down after a long day at work. With friendly staff and fresh, delicious seafood, it is a great place to come if you’re looking for something a little lighter than roasted reindeer!

Riddargatan 8, 114 35 Stockholm

Do you have any recommendations? Let us know below!