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Monschau Christmas Market: Everything You Need to Know for the Perfect Festive Break

There is something dreamlike about Monschau and its Christmas Market. A historic town nestled in the rolling forests of Germany’s Eifel region, Monschau is a place where time stands still. Crowded with centuries-old timbered houses, crumbling medieval walls, weaving cobbled lanes and retired water mills, Monschau is one of Germany’s most beautiful towns. With the majority of its buildings perfectly preserved for over three hundred…

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The Prettiest Spots in Vienna: A Quick Guide

During our digital detox to this famous Austrian capital, we found ourselves with plenty of time to discover the prettiest spots in Vienna. With the city’s famous architecture, cobbled streets and cosy coffee houses feeling more in focus without the bleep of notifications, we explored the city with just a trusty map and dog-eared guide. A city with beauty waiting around every corner, Vienna is truly a…

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A Guide to Wes Anderson’s Vienna

I hadn’t expected to find Wes Anderson whilst in Vienna. Beautiful coffee houses and glittering Christmas markets perhaps, but not glimpses of a man I’d spent years chasing. Since watching ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’ nearly twenty years ago, I’ve lost count of how many hours I’ve spent researching pleasingly symmetrical thermal baths. Or how many afternoons I’ve wasted browsing forums dedicated to Europe’s best kitsch-pink lidos.…

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Putting the World into Words with Parker Pen

Our blog has always been a place for honest and authentic story telling. Featuring tales of food poisoning, anxiety, bucket list let downs, a night spent in a frozen yurt, and one account of an aborted colonoscopy, we’ve always hoped that Twins That Travel is a relatable sort of space. As bona fide ‘over-sharers’, we’ve written stories that we hope are intimate and real, offering tales that convey…

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A Digital Detox in Vienna

It was a warm, Sunday afternoon in Lanzarote and we were on the hunt for a pay phone. Armed with a few pesetas (the Euro was yet to arrive), we hurried down the beach, nervous that we might miss our special Sunday night call. Hastily pushing the coins into the phone, we dialled the number scrawled on a napkin and waited for the distant ring…

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A Guide to Autumn in Provence

When I was fifteen, my French teacher described an illustrious autumn she’d once spent in France. Apparently forgetting that she was stood inside a glorified port-a-cabin – the heady mix of teenage angst and Charlie Red surrounding her – Madame Lawless was elsewhere; transported back to a lavender-scented autumn in Provence, circa 1978. ‘It’s during this time that I learnt that French skill– L’Art de…

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The Ultimate Road Trip Around The Lake District

Stepping out of the car as a cascade of golden leaves fell down, I wrapped my scarf tightly around my neck. The air was thick with the smell of wood smoke and a mist was quickly forming; the Lake District’s famous hills only just visible behind our holiday home. After a four hour journey north (with only Laura’s singing for company) – and our road…

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A Weekend in Venice, Los Angeles

The mid-morning sun crept through the wooden slats of the veranda, casting a dappled light that decorated our table and warmed our backs. From inside the restaurant came the whir of an espresso machine; the hum of conversation rising and falling above its whistles. Leaning back in my chair, the scent of freshly baked sourdough bread and coffee surrounded us. It seemed to be the…

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A Luxury Weekend Stay at The Grand Hotel & Spa York

Bursting into tears wasn’t exactly the reaction I’d hoped for after ushering my friend into her suite at The Grand Hotel & Spa York. Staring in horror as tears slid down her face, I asked her what was wrong. “Nothing is wrong at all”, she said, “this is just overwhelming.”  Collapsing onto the plush sofa that filled the Heritage Suite, she grabbed a glass of champagne…

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Air New Zealand Premium Economy: The Long Haul Review

How often do we shake ourselves from our airline rut? Forget our loyalty schemes and air miles, and try something new? Below is our review of Air New Zealand  Premium Economy and our flight to LA; a flight that might just have revealed a whole new way of flying. Our eleven-hour flight was spent chasing the sunset; our cabin illuminated a dusky pink. Leaving London just before…

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A 48 Hour Guide to Edinburgh

Once dubbed the ‘Athens of the North’, Edinburgh is my kind of city. Steeped in history, philosophy, awe-inspiring architecture and plenty of malt whiskey, it’s the sort of place that welcomes its visitors with crackling fires and fog-shrouded landscapes. Indeed, I’ve not met anyone who doesn’t like Edinburgh – its cobbled streets or Tolkienesque pubs. It’s that sort of city that everyone loves and everyone has…

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