Soho’s High Societease

March 27, 2015
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My name is Ruby Deshabille, life-long best friend of the Twins That Travel, who have kindly let me hijack their blog. I am a cabaret/burlesque performer living in what is, in my humble opinion, the best city in the world – London. I am lucky enough to spend the majority of my time working and playing in our fair city’s West End, and more specifically, Soho. Sadly, our geographical treasure trove is threatened with being ‘cleaned up’ and turned into generic, over-priced luxury apartments for foreign buyers and shopping centres full of chain coffee shops. Dubbed ‘the most creative square mile on the planet’ by Stephen Fry, now chairman of ‘Save Soho’, a campaign set up by ‘The Voice’ contestant Tim Arnold to try to oppose the redevelopment of this somewhat infamous but entirely historic and unique area.

Over the last year, I have proudly written a cabaret show ‘Soho’s High Societease’ starring Joe Morose, Abigail Collins, Mat Ricardo and myself, which is staged at the legendary champagne bar and brasserie Kettner’s. Through a mix of storytelling, burlesque, comedy, variety and circus performance, we tell the weird and wonderful tales of London’s beloved pleasure district. We invite you to get up close and personal, meet the characters and hear the stories that have shaped Soho’s history. All washed down with a champagne afternoon tea.

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Soho is a special place where global ideas, pipe-dreams, fights, love affairs, rock n roll and revolutions have been started. Expression, freedom and creativity are the heart and soul of Soho, you can almost feel it pulse as you walk down Old Compton Street; though perhaps that could just be the loud music pumping out from G.A.Y at all hours. It is essentially a place in which anything can happen, and it really can and does. Were the tyrannical redevelopers to get their way and stem the rich and creative lifeblood of this city, it would be a far poorer place. Some may say that such a big capital city such as London feels impersonal, faceless and cold, but Soho is truly a home for many, a haven even; a place where all are welcome and anything goes. Save. Soho.

You can support this campaign by following @WeAreSaveSoho on Twitter and signing various petitions.

Tickets for this Saturday 4th April’s Soho’s High Societease show can be found here 

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