Imposter Syndrome: the tale of a fraudulent blogger

    June 26, 2017

    A hand extends across the table: “Hi there, I’m Richard – Chairman of the tourism board and tonight’s host”. He shakes my hand firmly; the sort of handshake that suggests this is a man used to doing very important deals. “And what do you do?” My night had begun ten minutes earlier, as I sat down at the table and glanced at the expensively embossed name cards surrounding me. They were filled with the titles of chairmans, CEOS and directors;…

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    Anniversary Celebrations on Lake Como

    Stirring from my train induced slumber, I stretched and turned to the window, assessing our progress from Milan to Lake Como. Wincing as the sunlight poured in, it took a moment for my eyes…

    June 13, 2017
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    Paper Planes Pen Pal Club

    As kids, the gentle thump of letters landing in our hallway meant one thing: excitement. Rushing to the door, we would try and spot the bulging, brightly coloured envelopes in and amongst their dull…

    June 8, 2017
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    Wine tasting with Princess Cruises

    “It’s a common misconception that the grapes were squashed by the feet of workers”, our guide, Philippe, tells us. “Instead, they would wear plastic pants and be lowered in, until they were shoulder high…

    June 5, 2017
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    A Weekend in Hamburg

    It’s Sunday morning at Hamburg’s world famous Fischmarkt and the sun has made a welcome appearance. Ringing my bell, I cycle through the crowds – navigating stalls overflowing with gawping seabream, electric pink peonies…

    May 14, 2017
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    How to spend a day in Leeds

    Let’s start this blog post with a confession: we really dislike flying. I know, travel bloggers who hate flying – the irony. It’s like a doctor with a phobia of needles, or a teacher who dislikes…

    May 11, 2017
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    Celebrating National Tea Day with Twinings

    Resting under the shade of a tea bush one afternoon in 2737 BCE, Emperor Shennong, of China, instructed his servants to prepare his drinking water. Shennong, ahead of his time, liked his water boiled…

    April 27, 2017
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    April’s Giveaway: time to escape

    To celebrate the end of winter and with summer fast approaching (yay!) we’ve teamed up with Southwood Stores to give away the perfect weekend travel bag for all you adventurers. We’re fortunate enough to live…

    April 13, 2017
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    Jane Austen’s England

    My first encounter with Jane Austen came in the form of a university essay. Although I was studying for a history degree, Jane and her cast of fictional characters appeared in the middle of…

    April 12, 2017
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    Love Run Paris

    Here’s a little known fact: I was once heralded as an athletic prodigy. This surprise announcement was made one cold morning in January, 2001. Stood on the school field, the wind making my teeth…

    March 27, 2017
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    A historic stay at the Titanic Hotel Liverpool

    Settling into my train seat, with a steaming hot chocolate and a book I’d been trying to finish for weeks, I let out a sigh of relief. It was Friday lunchtime and the train…

    March 15, 2017